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HNS.ID Staking, Fees, and SLD Pricing
HNS.ID Staking, Fees, and SLD Pricing
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Handshake TLDs can be staked in our decentralized registry contracts on the Optimism network at HNS.ID. This system is completely separate from the traditional Namebase Registry. TLDs staked at HNS.ID will not be listed at any of our partner registrars. HNS.ID is a good option if you have a crypto-related TLD or an existing crypto-savvy community.

There is a $100 (in HNS) fee to stake a name at HNS.ID. This fee is non-refundable (even if the domain is unstaked) and will be deducted immediately from your account upon staking. This fee covers one domain's staking costs. Unstaking is not currently supported.

You can read more about HNS.ID Staking and Fees here:

Payment for registrations of SLDs are made on Optimism in ETH and paid directly to your Optimism wallet.

Pricing for your SLDs is determined solely by you and is set directly at HNS.ID according to the smart contract rules. Five percent (5%) of registration fees (original registration and renewals) will be paid to Namebase for its Handshake Development Fund or other related purpose. For example, if you sell a SLD for $3.00, you will receive $2.85 in ETH, and Namebase will receive $0.15.

You can read more about SLD Pricing here:

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