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Namebase Registry Overview
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Here's a quick breakdown on staking on the Namebase Registry.

Staking cost

$100 (in HNS)

SLD cost

$1 per SLD/yr

SLD type


Registrar support

Currently supported by,,,, (+ more traditional domain registrars in the future)

Unstaking support

Yes, if no active SLDs registration

Reserve your SLDs

Yes, in Registry Manager

Premium pricing

Yes, in Registry Manager

  • Registrars are selective and manually onboard new TLDs. They are not obligated to list your name. There will be a delay from when your TLD is staked until registrars choose to list it on their site. We cannot guarantee any registrars will list your name.

  • Supporting Handshake domain sales is an experimental initiative for registrars. They may list your name at whatever price they choose β€” they may sell at a loss or double the price at their discretion. Please do not contact the registrars to promote or modify your listing.

  • You will be able to change pricing, set premium domain prices, and select reserved domains after staking. You can increase new registration prices at any time. You can only increase renewal pricing if there are no active registrations. Price changes will go into effect 30 days after submitted, to allow time for registrars to update.

  • The Namebase Registry charges $1 per year of registration. You will only get paid for registrations that cost more than $1/year. You will be paid out in HNS, which will be credited to your Namebase account 5 days after a registration. (Registrars have 5 days to cancel a registration if there are any issues on their side).

  • You will not be able to freely register subdomains after staking. You can acquire subdomains by purchasing them from any registrar, or you can configure reserved domains.

  • Names can be unstaked at any time if there are no active subdomains. If there are active subdomains, then the TLD must remain staked until the end of the longest active registration. You may discontinue new registrations at any time through the Registry Manager. It is not possible to disable renewals.

  • Refer to the Namebase Registry Terms of Service for additional information.

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